Hawaii Golfers of San Diego

Hawaii Golfers of San Diego




Officers President: Gene Gardiner (interim) ; Vice President: Gene Gardiner (interim);  Treasurer: Steve Greeley ;  Secretary: Joe Lindsay;  

Handicap: Gene Gardiner;  Starter: Gene Gardiner 





                    A.      The Hawaii Golfers of San Diego is organized to promote golf among former residents of Hawaii and friends of the members. 


                            A.              Elected   

                                    1.     President

                            Conduct business meetings, represent club in official functions, sign checks when necessary, schedule tournament dates for the following year by November, and render decisions on matters not covered by the club's Rules and By-Laws with the assistance of the Executive Committee. 

                                    2.              Vice President 

                            Assist in all matters assigned by the President, sign checks when necessary, and act in behalf of the President in his absence.  Responsible for social/special events of the club.  Enforce club Rules and By-Laws and collect and assess fines. 

                                    3.              Secretary

                            Conduct all correspondence for the club, keep minutes of meetings, publish Newsletter, maintain the membership roster, and issue Rules and By-Laws and other information to new members. 

                                    4.              Treasurer

                            Sign all checks, collect dues, and maintain the dues roster. 

                                    5.              Handicap Chairman 

                            Responsible for all matters related to handicaps and maintain Ace of the Month record, Club Championship status, attendance record, and club roster.  Prepare monthly tournament score sheets which includes each members handicap. 

                                    6.              Starter

                            Prepare roster for starting times of monthly tournaments and designate monthly score keepers. 


                            B.              Appointed


                                    1.              Rules Committee 

                            The officers shall be the Rules Committee. 

                                    2.              Nominating Committee 

                            The nominating committee is comprised of the current officers of the club.  The slate shall be presented for election at the November tournament. 


                            C.  Term of Office: Two years 


 III.              MEMBERSHIP


                    A.      Membership shall be limited to 44 members.  Each member must become an Affiliate Member of the SCGA, through the Hawaii Golfers of San Diego regardless of his SCGA affiliation through other clubs (multi-member). 


                    B.      Candidate for membership shall be screened by the Officers and introduced to the Club.  Qualifications will be based on recommendation from a current member and candidate's pledge to support and abide by the club's Rules and By-Laws.  Candidate shall be approved for membership by secret ballot consisting of 75% approval of the membership. 


                    C.      New members without a USGA or SCGA handicap do not qualify for Club prizes.  These new members will qualify for Club prizes once they have an established SCGA handicap, so it behooves them to submit five (5) cards of play (on qualified courses - no Par 3 or Executive courses) as soon as possible to the Handicap Chairman. 


                    D.      Regular members must play in six(6) monthly tournaments annually.  Failure to comply will result in change from regular to associate membership as reviewed by the Executive Committee. 


                    E.      ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP:  Potential members can apply for associate membership after playing one (1) club tournament.  An associate member is only eligible for monthly prizes (e.g., partners, $10 monthly bets and makule).  An associate member is not eligible for Ace, Club Championship, Turkey Shoot, and no voting or nomination privileges.  Entry into associate membership will be determined by the Executive Committee.   Candidates will be approved by the membership by secret ballot with 75% approval. 


                          1.  Associate Members will pay $22. annual dues ($12 if  joining between July and December), $25 SCGA Fee, $20 for Club Shirt and $5. for hole-in-one fund. 


                          2.  Entry and eligibility into Regular Membership will be determined by the Executive Committee. 


  IV.              DUES


                    A.      Annual dues of $40.00 is payable in November of each year.  Delinquent members do not qualify for Club prizes.  If a new member joins the club between July and December, dues of $25.00 is payable upon joining. 


                    B.      SCGA Affiliate Membership fee of $30 will be required of all members, payable by October 1st, for the subsequent calendar year.  New members are required to pay this fee upon joining the club, together with the annual dues.  All members must have an SCGA card obtained through the Hawaii Golfers of San Diego club. 


C.          Removed, May, 2018


D.          A $5. "hole in one" fee is assessed for all new members and for all other members the year following a "hole-in-one" being achieved by a member and a pay-out made. 



   V.              GUESTS


                    A.      Guests are welcome to play, but will not be eligible for any Club prizes, no exceptions. 


                    B.      Guests are required to pay green fees.  Cart fees may also be required if carts are mandatory. 


                    C.      A San Diego County resident may play as a guest for not more than 3 tournaments. 



  VI.              FINES


                    A.      All members must notify the starter at least 10 days prior to the monthly Sunday tournament if they do not expect to play.  If a member fails to call, that member will be assessed the cost of the green fee plus expenses (cart fee) if the club incurs any liability.  All fines are subject to approval and review by the executive council (quorum of 4).  A $15.00 fine will be assessed for no show if no assessment by the golf course. 


                    B.      Removed, May, 2018





                    A.      The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers.  The committee shall have the power to make decisions on matters not covered by the Rules and By-Laws of the club. 





                    A.      A member is expected to participate in monthly tournaments.  If unable to participate, the member must notify the Starter 10 days prior to the Sunday tournament (see FINES, article VI.A). 


                    B.      Each foursome or group must keep 2 scorecards with all players in the group listed on each card.  One-completed scorecard, attested by all players in the group, will be submitted to the score keepers.  Erroneous scores will be adjusted and assessed a 2-stroke penalty.  Winning scorecards will be verified by a member of the Executive Committee or a designee. 


  IX.              PRIZES


                    A.      A member must be current in all dues and fines prior to tournament play before he qualifies for any club prizes and side-action bets.  Each member is responsible for checking his standing with the Club Treasurer before each tournament. 


                    B.      Ace of the Month (monthly tournament) and Ace of Aces Tournament (January tournament). 


                                1.          The member with the lowest net score of each monthly tournament will be the Ace for that month and receive a prize. 

                                2.          A member is eligible to become Ace of the Month only once during the year.  Should he score the lowest net in a subsequent month, he shall receive the prize, and the runner-up shall be the Ace for that month without any prize. 

                                3.          The monthly prize will be determined by the Executive Committee. 

                                4.          Twelve Aces (January through December) will compete in the Ace of Aces Tournament held during the January tournament of each year.  The amount and number of prizes will be determined by the Executive Committee prior to the tournament. 



                                    C.     Turkey Shoot (November Tournament) 


                                1.          The Executive Committee will determine by October the amount and number of prizes to be awarded for the lowest net scores of the November tournament. 


                D.  Club Championship 



1.      The Club Championship(voted on Dec. 2, 2007) will be determined by the total of the total best net scores in October,  November and December of each year.